LBL Cambodian Straight 360' Frontal

LBL Cambodian Straight 360' Frontal

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•100% Cambodian Hair

•Soft fine texture

•High grade

•Extremely lightweight

•Works well with bio hair

•360’ Front to back lace

•Lasts longer than most hair types

All of Luxury By La’ hair in every bundle we create comes from a single donor.  Because of this, each and every cuticle is aligned in the same direction and as a result, our bundles are virtually indistinguishable from the hair as it was donated.  We utilize 'three-headed' sewing machines to double weft our hair, which ensures that our weft is as thin and flexible as possible.  Our gorgeously voluminous bundles have become the standard by which all other bundles are measured. Impossibly thin, amazingly flexible, and combined with the world's finest hair.

“We do not mix any of our hair with cheap fillers or synthetics”